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Bake a Birthday Cake - Cake Recipe

Bake a Birthday Cake – Cake Recipe

Hey everybody. Welcome to today’s episode of CookingTV. Today, we will be showing you a very easy way to bake a birthday cake. So, why waste time?? Let’s start baking.

Ingredients to Bake a Cake – Birthday Cake

  1. Flour.
  2. Cocoa Powder.
  3. Baking Powder.
  4. Salt.
  5. Eggs.
  6. Sugar.
  7. Soybean Oil.
  8. Milk.
  9. Chocolate.
  10. Chocolate Essence.

Preparing the Batter

At first, we are going to mix all of the dry ingredients together. For that,

Add three-fourth cup flour in a sieve.

1 - Flour

Then, add 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder in that sieve.

2 - Chocolate Powder

After that, add one tablespoon of baking powder.

3 - Baking Powder

Finally, add a quarter teaspoon of salt.

4 - Salt

Then, sift all of these in a pot or bowl.

5 - Sift Everything

Now, mix all of these well together with a hand mixer.

6 - Mix Everything

Now, keep this mixture away and let’s focus on the second mixture.

Now, as for the second mixture, add 3-4 eggs in another bowl. But, make sure that those are at room temperature.

7 - Eggs

Then, add a three-fourth cup of sugar.

8 - Sugar In the Eggs

After that, beat the eggs with the sugar well together. For this, I will be using an electric beater.

When the egg becomes like white cream, that’s when you become sure that beating the egg is done.

9 - Beat The Egg

If you are bitting the egg with the egg yolk, it is not necessary that the egg becomes like a white cream. This happens sometimes.

Now, add a quarter cup of soybean oil.

10 - Soybean Oil

Then, add one tablespoon of dense milk.

11 - Dense Milk

Add half teaspoon of chocolate essence.

12 - Chocolate Essence

Add half teaspoon of chocolate paste. In the picture, you can see that I have one tablespoon of that. But, not all of it is used. And, if you don’t have the chocolate paste, no need to add that.

13 - Chocolate Paste

And, also don’t add too much of chocolate paste because that will make it sour.

Now, beat it again to mix everything well together.

14 - Beat The Whole Mixture Again

After everything is mixed well, add all of the dry ingredients in that mixture. But, before adding that mixture, sift all of these again. This will make it even better.

15 - Add the Dry Mixture

Now, mix everything well with a spatula. Mix everything slowly because mixing it faster will ruin the creamy mixture.

16 - Batter Ready

Preparation for Baking

From this batter, I will bake two cakes.

As you can see, I have a heart-shaped mold and a round-shaped mold.

In the heart-shaped mold, I will add two-third of the batter.

17 - Batter in the Mold

And in the round mold, I will add the rest of the batter.

Now, tap the molds a bit and then bake them.

Baking Time

I will be baking it in the oven with sand.

To do that, I took a cooking pot and added sand in there. After that, I placed a stand in there and heated it up for ten minutes.

18 - Sand in the Pot

Now, just lift the lid and place the mold on the stand.

19 - Mold in the Pan

But, before you do that, remove any kind of holes from the lid (If there is any).

Now, lower the heat of the oven and bake it for twenty minutes. Wait for 20-25 minutes and it will be in perfect shape.

After twenty minutes, lift up the lid. Then, check the cake with the toothpick to see if the cake sticks with the toothpick or not. If it does not, then it is ready.

20 - Check with Toothpick

Now, cool this hot cake by placing it in a plastic wrapper. It will take three-four hours to get it to cool down properly.

Decoration Time

This part depends totally on your creativity. As for me, I will divide it into three pieces.

21 - Cut the cake into Pieces

Before decoration, I will be adding some papers under the cake. This way, the board will be clean.

22 - Paper under the Cake

Before adding the cream, I will add sugar syrup. You can make it with two tablespoons of sugar, one tablespoon of water and one tablespoon of chocolate I will make a sugar syrup.

Now, add the sugar syrup on the first layer. If you are decorating a chocolate cake, be sure to add sugar syrup as it makes it super soft and moist.

23 - Chocolate Syrup on the cake

After adding the syrup, add whipped cream on the first layer. Cover the whole top of the layer with whipped cream.

24 - Cream on the Cake

Then, add the second layer of the cake and add the syrup and cream on that.

25 - Second Layer Cover with Cream

Cover the third layer in the same way too.

26 - Last Layer Placed

Now, I will cover the whole cake with the whipped cream. But, be sure to make the cream on the top layer as smooth as possible.

27 - Whole Cake covered with Cream

Now, take a smaller heart-shaped cake mold and make a border with that on top of the cake. You can make the line with anything you have.

28 - Heart Shaped Border Created With Mold

Now, I will be decorating the cake with a star nozzle. You can decorate the cake however you want.

29 - Border Decorated

I made a chocolate ganache mixing two tablespoons of dark chocolate and two tablespoons of water.

30 - Chocolate Ganache

Add the ganache however you want. I will be adding it to the sides of the cake.

31 - Cover Sides with Chocolate Ganache

After it has been added, you can just remove the papers from the bottom of the cake if you want.

32 - Remove Papers

In some of the cream, I mixed the chocolate ganache and cocoa powder to make a cream. Now, I am going to add the cream all around the cake with a star nozzle.

33 - Add Other Decorations

With the same paste, I will make a border all around the cake that is going to make the cake more beautiful.

34 - Add borders around the cake

Now, you can type anything on top of the cake with a piping nozzle. This cake will be gifted to someone’s birthday. So, I am going to write something about that.

34 - Add borders around the cake

In some of the cream, I mixed red food color. Now, I will be drawing some red roses on one side of the cake.

With a leaf nozzle, I am going to draw some leaves that are going to make the roses look even nicer.

Now, I will add some sprinkles around the cake which is going to make the cake look even nicer. Just sprinkle those sprinkles over the cake.

35 - Add Some More and End it

There you have it. Nicely done. If you want, then you can just follow this recipe and make one for yourself. Thanks for coming here. See you soon.

Credit: Yummy Food Fusion



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