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5 Minute Tea Cup Red Velvet Cupcakes Recipe Make Healthy Cupcakes recipe to make At Home

5 Minute Tea-Cup Red Velvet Cupcakes Recipe – Make Healthy Cupcakes At Home

Hey everybody. Welcome to today’s episode of CookingTV of a cupcakes recipe. Today, we will be cooking red velvet cake (cupcakes recipe) in a tea-cup in 5 minutes. Try this cupcakes recipe out for sure. And, let me tell you. It will be very soft. So, without any late, let’s get cooking.

Cupcakes Recipe Ingredients

  1. Liquid Milk.
  2. White Vinegar.
  3. Flour.
  4. Cocoa Powder.
  5. Baking Soda.
  6. Oil/Butter.
  7. Vanilla Essence.
  8. Salt.
  9. Food Coloring.
  10. Sugar.
  11. Egg.

How to Cook

To make the cupcakes, add 6 tablespoons of liquid milk. Be sure that the milk is in the room temperature.

1 - Add The Milk c

Then add half a teaspoon of white vinegar. Then, just mix it a little bit and keep it like that for a couple of minutes.

2 - Add Some White Vinegar of cupcake

After a couple of minutes, it will turn into buttermilk. And, this buttermilk is the reason for the red velvet cake to be so different from others in taste. This is the speciality of buttermilk as it makes the cake very soft.

3 - Butter Milk Ready

Then, sift half a cup of flour in the buttermilk.

4 - Add Flour in There

After that, sift 1 and a half tablespoons of cocoa powder and half tablespoon of baking soda in the buttermilk.

5 - Add Cocoa Powder
6 - Add Baking Soda

Throw away the grains that have been left after sifting all of those.

Now, add 4 teaspoons of soybean oil. But, if you want, you can melt butter and use that.

7 - Add Soybean Oil

Add half a teaspoon of vanilla essence.

8 - Add Vanilla Essence

Add one pinch of salt.

9 - Add Some Salt

Then, add half a cup of sugar. You can use regular sugar.

10 - Add Some Sugar

Then add the food colour that you want your cake to be in. As I am making a red velvet cake, I will add a red colour in there.

11 - Add Food Color

The good part of this cake is that the quality of this cake doesn’t depend on which ingredient you add when. So, if you add the flour in the end (which I would certainly not recommend) it won’t matter.

Softly mix all of these well together.

12 - Mix all Well

While mixing, add an egg in there that is at the room temperature.

13 - Add an Egg

Mix it again.

14 - Mix Everything Again

Today, I will bake the cake in the microwave. So, it will take 5 minutes for me. And, I will be baking the cakes in ceramic teacups. So, they won’t just break under immense heat.

15 - Tea Cups

To prepare them for baking, add the cake liners in the cup. But, before adding them in the cup, add a little bit oil on the inside of the cup so that the cake liners don’t get stuck at the side of the cup.

16 - Add Oil on the side of the cups

Then, fill in the cup with the mixture. But, don’t fill the cakes liners from top to bottom. Cause, if you do that when the cake gets baked it will swell up to twice the size of the mixture added in the liners.

17 - Fill in the Cake Liners with the batter

So, to prevent it from falling over, add a certain amount of cake batter.

After you fill all of the cups, it is time to bake them.

Baking Time

So, insert all of the cups in the microwave. I will be adding 5 minutes in the times because it will be done in five minutes. And, as I have a 1000W microwave, it is a perfect time. But, if you have more than 1000, then reduce the time on your need. Or, if it is more than that, then increase the time.

18 - Set the microwave for five minutes

That’s it.

After the baking is done, just bring them out. But, before eating them, be sure to check them with toothpicks. If the cake get’s stuck with the toothpick, consider it as not baked properly. And, if it doesn’t get stuck, voila! It is done.

20 - Serve it

After the cake is done, you can just add some sprinkles on the cake and enjoy it while it is inside on the cup. And, if you want, you can just bring it outside and enjoy it.

That’s it. Be sure to bake some cakes in this method and tell me if it worked or not in the comment section. And, as always,

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